A series of quick, experimental styles of animations I made
How Did You Get Here?
This animation was made for a class project that prompted myself and my classmates to create an experimental animation that would portray an emotion or feeling that can't be properly portrayed with words. This animation depicts the feeling of struggling with anxiety and being able to combat it after diagnosing and understanding it. 
Another aspect of this project worth mentioning is that it was originally displayed on the Daniels & Fisher Tower in Downtown Denver thanks to the help of Night Lights Denver
Continental Cat
In this video, I was asked to create two separate narratives and/or environments that would end up weaving together to resolve each other. I enjoyed playing with the concept that each main character in the video (the cat and the Lincoln Continental) are each minding their own business, but the environment around each are what separate them (aside from the obvious physical characteristics).
Alien Retold
In this project, I challenged myself with the idea of retelling 1979's ALIEN under the constraint of a 1–2 week turnaround. I found the most challenging part was capturing the essence of the narrative while not creating an undoable amount of work for myself. Even though the tone is nowhere near as sincere as the original, I was very happy with how the visual style and dialed back narrative pared with each other.